for as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with the art of photography. My first camera I owned at age ten was a Kodak Instamatic, used no less. I cut my teeth on my father's Canon AE-1, my first experience with a 35mm film single lens reflex camera. My first SLR was the Minolta Maxxum 7000, the first camera with auto-focus technology. In college, I learned the (now) arcane art of black-and-white film development, complete with dodging and burning. With the development of digital photography, I've shifted to the Nikon family, currently with the D850.
   I'm also a Disney nerd. A huge Disney nerd! When I'm at the parks, you're more likely to find me behind the lens of my camera instead of in queue for Expedition Everest. All facets of Disney are represented here - the domestic parks, the cruise line, etc.
   I'm also a cancer survivor. With this diagnosis, I had to tackle it without reservation or hesitation. I adopted as my motto one of Walt Disney's most famous phrases -- 'keep moving forward.' In 2019, I was diagnosed again with a blood cancer. Looks like KMF is going to keep me company for awhile longer.
  With photography, I explore all facets of the craft, from the intricate details of a meadow to grandiose landscapes. The joy is making the ordinary feel extraordinary.
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